Special Occasion Cakes
Our Telephone Number: (212) 580-6378

The Kosher Marketplace is a proud purveyor of delicious, parve cakes for all occasions.  As with our other offerings, your tastes and desires control the process as we move forward from your ideas towards your finished creation.  As outlined below, our cakes can be made with numerous fillings and toppings. But the real toppings (please pardon the small pun) are our finishing masterpieces.  Cakes have been set with pirates battling on the sea, any of a myriad of superheroes or just a really special family photograph.  These photographs are copied onto the cake for a small additional charge.  Of course we are not too terribly biased towards these crazier types of designs; elegantly decorated traditional cakes are always available per your instructions.

Please note that due to the fragile nature of these items, only pickup orders can be accepted.  Three days notice is normally required. 

Cake Choices:

Vanilla Sponge,

Chocolate Sponge,

White Sponge or

Nut Cake.


Filling Choices:
Chocolate Mousse,
Chocolate Pudding,
Chocolate Buttercream,
White Buttercream,
Blueberry or

Topping Choices:

Chocolate Buttercream (Frosting),
White Buttercream (Frosting),
Mocha Buttercream (Frosting),
Chocolate Icing,
White Icing,
Rainbow Sprinkles,
Chocolate Sprinkles,
Chocolate Chips or
Chopped Nuts.

All cakes and cupcakes are parve and priced as follows:

  • 7' Round (8 People) - Total w/tax:$34.99                
  • 8' Round (10 People) - Total w/tax:$44.99   
  • 10' Round (20 People) - Total w/tax:$64.99
  • 12' Round (32 People) - Total w/tax:$89.99
  • 1/4 Sheet (25 people) - Total w/tax:$94.99
  • 1/3 Sheet (35 People) - Total w/tax:$104.99
  • 1/2 Sheet (50 People) - Total w/tax:$154.99
  • Full Sheet (90 People) - Total w/tax:$209.99
  • All Cupcakes - Total w/tax: $2.25              
    Special design & picture cakes are available for an extra charge.  Additional notice is required.