Fresh Meats, Poultry & Fish
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We are happy to announce that we are now the EXCLUSIVE retailer of kosher WAGYU BEEF in the tristate area.  This product is currently available at an exceptional introductory price.  Please click here to learn more about this exquisite delicacy.

Our gourmet meats and poultry are specially selected to be flavorful, tender and juicy.  We maintain a complete selection of basic beef cuts, complemented with Prime and All-Natural varieties.  Low-fat bison is also offered, as is all-natural lamb and veal.  Angus beef is also available, as is a complete selection of organic beef.  Venison cuts are offered in our fresh frozen section and All-New Kobe Beef is on the way.  We expect to be carrying this product very shortly.  In our poultry line, we feature fresh skinless chickens, organic chickens and a complete selection of the finest fresh duck and turkey.

Numerous specialty items can be found throughout this section of the store.  A very special line, exclusive to The Kosher Marketplace, are our homemade sausages with edible skin.  We make numerous varieties, including Moroccan Lamb, Sweet Maple Buffalo, Breakfast Links, Veal Varieties and a whole host more.  These sausages are great on the grill, in the broiler or with pasta.  Another wonderful item for the grill are our sausage patties or mammoth half-pound hand patties.  Once again these come in any and all varieties.  We also feature numerous different types of meat and vegetable stir-fry combinations.  Our Shish-K-Bobs are loaded with meat and vegetables and are made with beef, bison, turkey, chicken, as well as organic and all-natural varieties of these items.

 Specialty marinated items are available and include: The Drunk Chicken, My Big, Fat, Greek Chicken, Mongolian Beef Ribs, Parisian Chicken and Romanov Duckling.  These items are marinated for 24 hours before they are packaged and placed on the shelf for sale.  As a result, they provide a quick, easy and delicious alternative to the hassles of home cooking.  If you try any, please let us know what you think; we are always trying to improve our offerings and your feedback is always welcome.  Some of our most popular items have successfully evolved only as a result of your feedback and kind suggestions.  Other specialty items in this department are veal and turkey osso bucco, skirt steak and calves feet.  Hopefully there is something for everyone.  And remember, if not, please let us know.  We want you to be happy and will do our absolute best to ensure that you leave the store content and satisfied. 

A complete selection of fresh fish, both farm-raised and wild, is an absolute necessity in today's marketplace.  The popularity of fresh fish has grown enormously over the past several years; in large part, due to the enormous health benefits associated with eating fish on a regular basis.  We have expanded this department drastically over the past few years and now offer a complete selection of salmon steaks, salmon fillets, tilapia, sole, flounder, red snapper, halibut, tuna, chilean sea bass and several more varieties.  We even make imitation crab and shrimp cakes, along with cajun red snapper croquettes.  The bottom line, as always, is that we will make anything you want at anytime - please just let us know.  We always access all of our resources to bring you the freshest, most diverse product offerings available in the market.

Our fresh fish section is also filled with various Shish-K-Bobs from the sea.  These Shish-K-Bobs, normally prepared with meat specialty items, can be just as easily garnished with fresh tuna, salmon or chilean sea bass.  We maintain a generous selection of these types of items.  We also feature delicious smoked fish specialties such as hand-sliced nova scotia salmon, sable, whitefish chubs, baked salmon and delicious parve herring fillets in cream sauce.