KMP Select Kobe-Style Wagyu Beef
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We are proud to announce that we are the EXCLUSIVE retailer of kosher Wagyu beef within the tristate area.  EXCEPTIONAL INTRODUCTORY PRICING is now available.

What is Wagyu beef?  Quite simply...Wagyu beef is the finest quality beef available in the world.  Properly raised Wagyu cattle far exceed prime in taste and quality.  Wagyu beef is created from the same stock as Kobe beef, the most expensive beef in the world.  Wagyu beef is known for its extensive marbling, enhanced flavor, tenderness and juiciness.  This type of beef is sought the world over and can often be found for sale at prices well in excess of $100 per pound.

Is Wagyu beef the same as Kobe beef?  Yes and no.  Wagyu is the breed of Japanese cattle from which Kobe beef is derived.  However in order to receive the designation Kobe, such Wagyu cattle must be raised in Japan's Hyogo Prefecture on Honshu Island, the capital of which is Kobe.  Due to the extremely high cost of land and feed in this area, the price of the beef is tremendously expensive.  As a result, a very small number of Wagyu cattle have been transported to the United States to more economically meet the growing demand for this wonderful and exceptionally high quality product.

Why purchase KMP Select Wagyu?  We are tremendously excited about this wonderful product for numerous reasons.  First and foremost, the quality is amazing and the taste stupendous!  Secondly our Wagyu cattle are raised on a family-owned and operated farm without any hormones or antibiotics.  They roam in an all-natural environment with wide open pastures, lush green grass, fresh water and free-choice minerals.  There are no animal by-products in their cattle feed.  Furthermore Wagyu cattle naturally contain a much higher percentage of beneficial omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids than are found in traditional beef, as well as a greater ratio of monounsaturated fats to saturated fats.